HR Vendor Management

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HR Vendor Management and governance are emerging as a top business priority. Organizations are recognizing that effective oversight of service delivery is essential to managing multivendor service delivery models, to achieving anticipated value and benefits from outsourcing and to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements. In structuring their vendor management functions, businesses are focused on enabling consistent and standard oversight of each provider, as well as transparency and visibility into the entire chain of service delivery. Increasingly, businesses are outsourcing the day-to-day administrative tasks of vendor management to a third-party provider and finding that this approach yields significant cost and performance benefits.


Additionally, through our HR Vendor management expert capabilities, we will capture, manage, and deliver information to your managers that will allow them to analyze and control their headcount and spend. What once was a series of complex and time-consuming HR related administrative tasks can now be delivered on-demand through our HR Vendor Management expert that will provide you with critical human capital analysis, financial data, and performance measurements.


The HVM is ideal for organizations with historically high volume spend and/or vacancies. It works equally well with organizations using outsourced staffing resources for multiple departments or locations.


The results achieved when implementing an HVM are:

  • Overall HR cost containment;
  • Reduction in contingent labor spend
  • HR spending management
  • Visibility and cost control over unbudgeted HR spending
  • Streamlined job requisition approval workflow
  • Reduced time-to-fill cycle times
  • Bill rate standardization/management
  • Optimization of HR supplier base
  • Consolidated HR services invoicing
  • Improved security and asset management
  • Availability of HR vendor performance metrics